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Nazi Students Threaten Continued Disturbance Unless Jewish Professor is Dismissed

Following a notification by the Nazi students of Breslau University that they would not rest unless Dr. Ernst Cohn, a Jewish Professor at the University, was dismissed, the students assembled demanding that Professor Cohn should leave the University immediately.

Police, however, deprived fifty of the Nazi students of their legitimation cards, whereupon quiet was restored in the University.

Violent disturbances, due to the same cause, took place at the University a week ago. On that occasion, the police took elaborate precautions, putting down barbed wires at the main entrance to the lecture hall where Professor Cohn was to lecture and chaperoning those who wanted to attend the lecture through a narrow side door where they had to pass police inspection. When Dr. Cohn started to speak, the Nazi students called him names and created a tumult, and the police finally cleared the University. On that occasion 200 student cards were retained, and it was subsequently established that there were many non-students, members of the Nazi stormtroops, taking part in the disturbances.