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Kosher Food Made Available to Needy Orthodox Jews

Packages of Kosher food have been made available by the Emergency Unemployment Relief Committee to orthodox Jews as a result of representations made to the Committee by the United Synagogue of America. It was announced by Harvey D. Gibson, president of the Emergency Unemployment Relief Committee, that the first supply of Kosher food, totalling 1,000 packages of food adaptable to the Jewish faith were packed on Wednesday and that there will be a supply of such boxes at all the Committee’s food stations. The packages will be differentiated by being packed in a different colored carton and can be procured in exchange for any food ticket, Mr. Gibson stated.

The decision of the Emergency Unemployment Relief Committee to provide for the needs of observing Jews was taken as the result of a letter addressed to Mr. Gibson by Louis J. Moss, president of the United Synagogue of America. It was pointed out by Mr. Moss that many orthodox Jews, who are punctilious observers of the dietary laws find themselves in a predicament in utilizing the tickets which are distributed by the Committee because of the fact that no provision has been made for the distribution of Kosher food and, as a result many recipients of these tickets, of the Jewish faith do not obtain the full benefit from their use. To provide for this need Mr. Moss suggested that the Committee designate shops which dispense kosher food products, at several strategic points throughout the city, to enable those of the Jewish faith who observe the dietary laws, to obtain kosher food.