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Prussian Government Orders Dismissal of Jewish Director of Cooperative Settlement Company

The Prussian Government today ordered the dismissal of Solomon Dyk, the Jewish General Director of the Prussian Cooperative Settlement Company, which it subsidizes.

The dismissal of Mr. Dyk was ordered on the ground that he is not a Prussian. This allegation is made despite the fact that Dyk, who was born in Galicia, has resided in Germany for the past thirty years and has rendered outstanding service to the government’s cooperative settlement of former soldiers and has been responsible for the draining of huge swamp districts.

The action of the Prussian Government is believed to be a concession to the Nazis who, through their press organs, have carried on a relentless campaign against Dyk.

Mr. Dyk studied with Dr. Franz Oppenheimer, economist and sociologist, the founder of the Kvuza Merchavia in Palestine. Mr. Dyk also served for some time as the manager of this Kvuza.