Zionist Leader New President of Vienna Kehillah
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Zionist Leader New President of Vienna Kehillah

Dr. Desider Friedmann, Zionist leader, was elected today president of the Jewish Community of Vienna.

Another Zionist, Josef Loewenherz, was elected first vice-president, and Dr. Jacob Ornstein, a leader of the Oesterreichisch-Israelitische Union, the Assimilationist group, was elected second vice-president.

The Zionists have a majority in the Jewish Community Council, dividing their seats among members of the Poale Zion, the Revisionist Union and the General Zionists.

The elections to the Vienna Jewish Community, which took place on December 4, resulted in a complete upset of precedent and the election of a Zionist majority.

The Zionist Parties together received 21 of 36 mandates, while the Oesterreichisch-Israelitische Union won only fifteen places.