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Hitler Empowered to Dissolve Parliament; Rule by Decree; State Ouster of Cohn Accomplished

The power to dissolve Parliament at his discretion and to rule Germany by decree without Parliament was entrusted today to Adolf Hitler, Germany’s new Chancellor by President Paul von Hindenburg, according to the Deutsche Allgemeine Zeitung, an organ close to the Government.

President von Hindenburg signed a decree for the dissolution of Parliament which is expected to become effective before the reconvening of Parliament, scheduled for next Tuesday.

March 5th is reported as a tentative date for new Parliamentary elections.

The signing of the dissolution decree is said to have been brought by the result of the failure of Hitler to secure the co-operation of the Centre Party and the Bavarian People’s Party who together have 92 seats in Parliament, and without whose toleration the Nazis cannot rule.

The Nazis, jubilant over Hitler’s appointment to the Chancellorship, are eager for a new election in the hope that they may recoup their losses and gain a clear majority in a new Parliament.