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Posts of Minister of Education and Superintendent of State Theatres Given to Nazis

cussion of “the approach of a dictatorship in America and the crisis of capitalism there.”

The paper quotes Colonel House’s recent warning with regard to a dictatorship in the United States.

K. G. W. Luedecke, who yesterday afternoon broadcast a program to Germany over the network of the National Broadcasting Company, is the representative of the National Socialist Party of Germany in the United States and the organizer of Nazi branches in this country.

On November 14, Luedecke announced the establishment in Washington, D. C of an information bureau for the purpose of supplying “authentic information” concerning the Nazi Party.

Its purpose, he explained at the time, will be two fold. It will function as a news agency for the entire Nazi press in Germany, and further it will “supply the American press and public with authentic information about the character and aims of the National Socialist movement and its relation to the Germany of today.”

He has been identified with the Nazi movement since 1921 and was formerly representative of the Nazis in Rome.