Senate Committee Votes Favorably for Immigration Naturalization Bills
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Senate Committee Votes Favorably for Immigration Naturalization Bills

The Senate Immigration Committee has voted to report favorably several bills affecting immigration and naturalization. One of the most important of these measures is Senator King’s bill to legalize by registration the permanent admission of political and religious refugees concerning whose entry no legal record exists. This bill has not yet been acted upon by the House.

Another of these bills would permit the admission as non-quota immigrants for the period of one year aged parents of American citizens. Still another would make various modifications and changes in the naturalization laws. Congressman Samuel Dickstein’s bill for the regulation of the immigration of actors was referred to a sub-committee for hearing.

At the same time, Congressman Dickstein as Chairman of the House Immigration Committee, announced that an executive meeting of the Committee will be held next Tuesday to consider the naturalization bill ordered reported by the Senate.

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