$3,000 Bequest for Synagogue Left by Eccentric Watchmaker
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$3,000 Bequest for Synagogue Left by Eccentric Watchmaker

Although he never was a member of a synagogue and never even came near the synagogue during his 45-years residence in Easton, yet when Harry Zarzin, an eccentric watchmaker, died here, and his will found, a bequest in it for $3,000 for the Congregation Children of Abraham Synagogue, and another bequest for $500 for the Easton Hebrew School was provided in his will. A bequest of $500 for the Easton Hospital was also provided.

The bequest to the synagogue was timely, to say the least, for it was heavily in debt, and the $3,000 will be used to clear most of the debt away.

Zarzin made his will about a month ago. He left about $1,200 to a mother and brother in Lithuania.

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