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His Excellency, Minister of Austria, Washington

Pressure of official business prevents me from absenting myself from this city in order to avail myself of your kind invitation to attend a dinner in honor of Professor Einstein. I would highly appreciate your kindness in conveying to all present and to the honored guest in particular, my heartiest greetings and congratulations and in voicing the expression of my confidence, that this gathering will contribute towards strengthening the bonds forged between nations by science. In the exchange of high-grade intellectual goods the brotherhood of mankind waxes. In this trading of wisdom, people of various race and creed form closer relations, get better acquainted with one another, learn to esteem mutual achievements in cultural development and on this esteem is based a true friendship free of prejudice, the love of man for man.

Wishing a pleasant and harmonious progress of this entertainment I beg to remain with the assurance of my high regards,