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Former Cossack Pogrom Leader En Route to Paris on Secret Mission

A former Cossack commander, under the Pogrom Ataman, Semeonoff, yesterday passed through Montreal on a secret mission to the Russian “emigre” organizations whose headquarters are in Paris.

The commander is Col. Boris Oulianoff, who led a detachment of Cossacks and helped in the formation of the short-lived Far-Eastern Republic after fighting the Germans, Austrians, Turks and afterwards the Bolshevist Red Army. After the anti-Soviet debacle, together with thousands of other former Czarists, he found refuge in Mukden and Harbin. Now, according to this former pogrom leader, the situation of the Soviets has again been made insecure by the threatened invasion of the Japanese. He worked his way over the Pacific and intends to do the same for the rest of the journey but refused to state the purpose of his mission.