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War on Jews to Go On, Goebbels Assures Nazis; “worse Still in Store”

The Hitler Government does not intend to make any compromises whatsoever in its policies regarding the Jews of Germany, despite protests from abroad, declared Dr. Paul Joseph Goebbels, Nazi minister of propaganda and public enlightenment, addressing a mass-meeting here.

“When we are accused of being against the Jews, we reply, ‘Yes’,” he shouted. “Has anybody thought us pro-Jewish? When we are reproached for the vigor of our measures we reply, ‘Have we ever said we were not vigorous in our measures?’ When we are said to be blunt because we are uncompromising, we reply, ‘Yes, our opposition does not need to doubt this.’

“The German nation,” he declared, “is fed up with compromises. It wants us to wipe the slate clean.”

The German nation does not accuse the Nazi regime of being too vigorous, Goebbels declared, but of going to the other extreme, and tempering its acts by too much humanitarianism.

“The revolution is not yet finished,” he warned his audience. “Worse events are still in store.”