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Jews Throughout Germany Dismissed Wholesale, Bank Head Flees to Switzerland

Sweeping dismissals of Jews from business posts marked the last two days in this country, following July 1, which was the first day on which the recently passed law excluding all Jews from German labor unions was enforced.

Taking advantage of the fact that Jewish employees are no longer protected by unions, numerous firms in Berlin and the provinces summarily dismissed Jewish workers. The Bank of Dresden dismissed many Jews. Wilhelm Kleeman, who was president of the Jewish community in Dresden, and who was a director of the Bank of Dresden, recently escaped to Switzerland following persecution.

A firm in Karlstadt controlling many department stores fired all their Jewish workers. In Leipzig, Kottbus and Dortmund even Jewish employees occupying managerial positions in businesses were told their services were no longer required.

All these dismissed workers were left without the possibility of applying for compensation, to which they were entitled until the new law went into effect on July 1.