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New York Banker Finds Average German Not Keen over Anti-semitic Program

Walter Von Treslow, vice-president of the Central Hanover Bank and Trust Company, who returned Friday from Germany, said that as far as anti-Semitism was concerned, the German government was in the position of the musician who lost his flute and found a bass drum. It had found something and must use it, but it doesn’t like it.

“I learned that in Germany there is a general admission that the government policy is wrong. The Hitler government has started the anti-Semitic program, and, although it realizes its mistake, must continue with it to save its face.

“The Germans appreciate that the attack on the Jew is costing them colossal sums in business and world trade. Everywhere in Germany, I found business men and financiers who deplored the Jewish excesses. Only when it is realized that the relation of the German to the Jew is of primary importance and not secondary, will there be a change.”