Swiss Confiscate Zion Protocols As Jews Move Against Anti-semites
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Swiss Confiscate Zion Protocols As Jews Move Against Anti-semites

The authorities here yesterday confiscated 761 copies of the “Elders of Zion” protocol from the headquarters of the reactionary, anti-Semitic National Front. This organization, it was discovered, had been engaged in distributing the spurious protocols.

Since according to Swiss law only the insulted party could bring action, Julius Dreyfus Brodsky, president of the Jewish community, and Dr. Marcus Cohn brought action against the National Front in their names. They charged this group with distributing outrageous falsifications libeling the Jewish people.

The trial is expected to be held shortly.

Meanwhile a mass meeting called by the National Front proved a double-edged sword. Fifteen hundred persons attended the meeting, but shortly after their arrival they moved that a resolution be passed overthrowing the chairman, and they appointed their own chairman in his place. The latter proclaimed amid generous applause that the meeting would be held with the devotion to the principles of democracy uppermost in everyone’s mind.

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