U.S. Has 17 Delegates to Zionist Congress of 279 for World
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U.S. Has 17 Delegates to Zionist Congress of 279 for World

More than 279 delegates will be in attendance when the Eighteenth World Zionist Congress is convened in Prague next month, it was learned today. The United States, which in previous years was represented by a large delegation, based on the number entitled to representation, this year will have only 17 delegates, it was learned. This compares to 126 for Poland and Galicia, and 49 for Palestine.

What the party line-up will be at the Congress cannot yet be foretold, as the elections in a majority of the countries remain to be held during the coming week.

One General Zionist was elected in Italy, according to results made known today. The Austrian election resulted in the choice of two General Zionists, one Poale Zionist (labor group), one representative of the Grossman faction of the Zionist Revisionist group and possibly also one representative of the Jabotinsky Zionist Revisionists. Three General Zionists, seven Labor group delegates, three Mizrachi (Othodox Zionists) and two Jabotinsky representatives were elected in West Galicia.

American Zionists will go to the polls today to vote for delegates to