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Vienna Press Continues Hitler Birth Revelations

The Oesterreichische Abendblatt, Heimwehr organ, continued today to print revelations of Hitler’s origin in its attempt to prove the German chancellor is of Jewish descent. In tonight’s issue the Abendblatt featured a story from the director of the Polna Museum in which he confirmed, with documents, the story printed previously concerning Hitler’s family tree. However, the museum director concluded his confirmation with the note that “if the chancellor belongs to the same Hitler family as the Polna Jews do, then few Jews have a prouder family tree than the Nazi chieftain.”

Die Reichspost, organ of the Christian Socialist (Government) party, emphatically denied that the vicarage certificates which were published last week could be used as a basis for proving that Chancellor Hitler was of Jewish origin. At the same time, however, Die Reichspost declared that “Hitler’s father was an illegitimate child.”