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Reports Excesses in Nazi Concentration Camps

Bloody maltreatment of Jews in German concentration camps was confirmed today in an affidavit submitted to the Catholic Press Association here by a non-Jew named Desider Rakacs, formerly a member of the newspaper Zentrumablatt in. Duesseldorf Rakacs has just arrived in Vienna after three months’ imprisonment in Derndorf Prison at the Siegburg concentration camp in Prussia.

Jews confined in the camps, Rakacs declared in his affidavit, were forced to clean the lavatories, to wipe the Nazi storm troopers’ boots and actually to kiss the feet of the Nazis—otherwise they were inhumanly beaten.

“I have seen how the hair of Jews were torn out of their flesh, how Jews were compelled to beat their faces with their own fists as well as each other’s faces, until the blood spurted,” he stated. “There are many ghastly suicides in these prisons,” Rakacs concluded.