Jew, Arab and Briton in Palestine Radio Forum
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Jew, Arab and Briton in Palestine Radio Forum

“Experts have shown that Palestine, including Trans-Jordan, in which is the historic home of the Jews, has room for some four or five million Jews. The Arabs in Palestine only number 1,000,000, therefore it is folly to say that the new Jewish immigration will dispossess the Arabs. The Arabs and the Jews, working together, can make Palestine one of the great centers of world civilization.”

This statement was made by Morris Margulies, secretary of the Zionist Organization of America, in the course of a radio symposium on Palestine over Station WEVD, held Tuesday evening. The Arab viewpoint was represented by Dr. Fuad Shatarah, lecturer and writer on the subject of Arabic civilization. The British point of view was presented by Thomas Cook, of the department of Economics of Columbia.

Mr. Margulies also stated that American Jews would contribute $8,000,000 under a four-year plan to a total of $25,000,000 for Palestine settlement.

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