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Blacklist German Girls Seen in Jewish Company, Warn Them of Punishment

Nazis have terrorized the minds and blinded the eyes of young Germany, but now for the first time they are striking fear into the hearts of Reich womanhood. A hunt for non-Jewish girls keeping company with Jewish men has been started throughout Bavaria by Julius Streicher’s fanatical Hitlerite newspaper, Der Stuermer. The paper has started the publication of a blacklist, printing the names and addresses of German young women seen in the company of Jewish men.

“There are still German women and girls who cling to Jews,” the paper stormed. “Propaganda alone has not succeeded in persuading these women to take the right path. Henceforth we shall put the names and photographs of such women on our blacklist. If their blood refuses to revolt against Jews, public fury perhaps will prevent them from associating with Jews.”