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Nazis Deny Reports of Clash Between Reichswehr, Storm Troops in Nuremberg

A Hearst report that several persons were wounded during a clash between military units and storm troopers in Nuremberg when the Reichswehr guards and the police made an effort to prevent storm troopers from plundering Jewish houses was officially denied by the Nazi press here today.

“It is untrue that plundering or other disturbances occurred in Nuremberg,” the Nazi press stated. “No Jewish houses or Jewish stores were raided. It is also untrue that General Von Epp has asked President Von Hindenburg’s permission to declare martial law in Bavaria. Rumors of clashes between Reichswehr men and storm troopers are also false.”

The press, however, made no reference to the mass arrest last week of more than 160 Jews, who were released after being detained in the Nazi barracks in Nuremberg for more than five hours. It is believed that the Hearst stories concerning trouble in Nuremberg probably originated from the story concerning the mass arrests.