Cairo Jew Starts Libel Suit Against “german League”
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Cairo Jew Starts Libel Suit Against “german League”

A curious action arising out of the persecution of Jews in Germany has been instituted before the Mixed Court here. There exists in this city a group called the “German League Against Jewish Attacks,” and this group recently issued a pamphlet entitled: “The Extension of Judaism in Germany,” which sought to justify the anti-Semitic activities of the Hitler regime. The pamphlet also made various derogatory statements about the Jews, including references to their relations with Marxism and Communism, and allegations that the Jew rarely does productive work, merely trading in the productive work of others.

Umberto Jabes, an Italian Jew living here, considering that he, as a Jew, is personally libelled by the publication of such statements, has brought an action against the printer of the pamphlet, stated to be A. Safarowsky, and against M. W. van Meeteren, president of the Deutscher Verein, Cairo, whose responsibility for the publication is alleged.

Mr. Jabes is asking for damages with cost and says that he will pay the whole sum of any money that will be awarded to him to the Al Moassat Hospital, as he does not wish to profit personally in this matter.

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