Europe Ripe for War, Morgenthau, on Return
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Europe Ripe for War, Morgenthau, on Return

Henry Morgenthau, chairman of the American delegation to the international wheat conference in London, returned Friday on the Cunard liner Berengaria, with the assertion that war in Europe is inevitable and imminent.

Among the possible causes for war which, he said, was not desired by the masses but by “those in power”, was the fear of France over the outcome of Hitlerism in Germany.

“There are many contributing causes,” he said, “but the fear of war hangs over the heads of every country’s delegation at the Economic Conference. In my opinion, conditions now are similar to those of 1913. There is no sincere desire for permanent peace in Europe. They want peace now, but only so that they may prepare for the war that is coming.”

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