Hitler’s Heil to Work Montreal for Nazis
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Hitler’s Heil to Work Montreal for Nazis

Hitler’s agent, Herbert Heil, is expected here on Monday to foster the Swastika movement here and take an active part in its work.

Heil, who is at present in Ontario, boasts that the whole Niagara peninsula is swarming with Hitler sympathizers who follow every move of their leader and who are well-enough informed to be able to band themselves together at a moment’s notice into a smooth-working and effective machine.

“In five or ten years things are going to look a whole lot different in Canada, as a result of the pressure brought to bear by the Nazi party. In case of a revolution right now you would be surprised at the power and strength rooted in Canada by the Nazi and Swastika clubs,” he stated.

Heil came to Canada in 1930 and travelled all over the country claiming to have founded Swastika clubs in full strength from Vancover to Montreal.