Palestine a Land of Hope Declares Rabbi Leo Jung
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Palestine a Land of Hope Declares Rabbi Leo Jung

Dr. Leo Jung, Rabbi of the Jewish Center, returned on the Italian liner Vulcania after a four months’ trip through Europe and the Near East, including Palestine.

Dr. Jung pictured Palestine as a land of hope and a source of strength for the Jewish people, and a startling contrast with the ghastly conditions now to be seen in Germany.

“Palestine,” said Dr. Jung, “may assume a new significance as the melting-pot into which world Jewry will cast its various complexes and its quaint super-patriotism, to emerge sanely and nobly self-conscious, freed from the nihilisms of a decadent civilization, blessed by a renaissance of our old faith.”

Dr. Jung declared that the influx of the German Jews into Palestine will prove a great boon to the country. “A local sage,” said Dr. Jung, “declared that Grabski, the anti-Semitic Polish Minister of Finance, caused an exodus from Poland that led to the expansion of Tel Aviv. Hitler will help us build Haifa.”