Fill American Quota with Jews, Suggests Beobachter
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Fill American Quota with Jews, Suggests Beobachter

A sensational proposal that Germany’s immigration quota to the United States be filled exclusively with German Jews, was made here by the Voelkischer Beobachter, personal organ of Chancellor Hitler and leading Nazi paper. This would mean that twenty-five thousand German Jews could enter the United States within the quota.

In discussing the problem of German-Jewish emigration, the Beobachter states that it is the duty of the American government, out of courtesy to Germany and to the millions of Germans who for so many years emigrated to America and devotedly participated in the development of the United States, that America should now open her doors, “not for our best sons, but for the Jews and their Jewish friends about whom a good opinion still exists in America.”

The Beobachter urges the German government officially to introduce negotiations with the American government in order to influence Washington to reserve the entire German quota for German Jews instead of non-Jews.

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