Dr. Marx Bribery Trial Verdict Due Tomorrow
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Dr. Marx Bribery Trial Verdict Due Tomorrow

The examination of Dr. Marx, Frankfurt representative of the Central Union of German Citizens of the Jewish Faith, and Ferdinand Muerdel, former head of the political police, who are on trial on bribery charges, was concluded today. Prosecution and defense attorneys will deliver their summations tomorrow and a verdict in the case is expected by Saturday.

Dr. Marx is accused of bribing Herr Muerdel to obtain information about Nazi activities prior to the advent of the Nazis to power. He denied the bribery charges, declaring he had only rewarded Herr Muerdel for capturing desecrators of a Jewish cemetery and had only obtained information from him necessary to combat the spread of anti-Semitism. Both men acted within their duties in seeking to protect the then existing government of Germany, he declared.

Charges agaist the two men followed seizure of the organization’s records last Spring by Nazi agents seeking an alleged communist affiliation.

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