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Frankfurt Acquits Dr. Marx and Police Head of Bribe Charge

Dr. Marx, Frankfurt representative of the Central Union of German Citizens of the Jewish Faith, and Ferdinand Muerdel, former head of the political police here, were acquitted tonight on the charge of bribery. Both were immediately released from confinement following the court’s announcement of the verdict.

Despite the fact that the charge of bribery against both men had been dismissed, both were sentenced to seven months imprisonment; Dr. Marx for unlawfully receiving secret documents, and Herr Muerdel for activities incompatible with his office.

Since both Dr. Marx and Herr Muerdel had already been in prison for five months, the period of detention was taken into consideration and both were immediately released.

Addressing the court after the verdict had been announced, Dr. Marx declared that the tragedy of the Jews had been accentuated and that while other partisans had been allowed to join the Nazis, the Jews were excluded. In spite of this, Dr. Marx stated, German Jews would vote solidly for the Nazi gov-