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Persecutions Ended, is Idea German Press Tries to Spread Abroad

A visible effort is being made by the German press to create an impression abroad that the persecution of the Jews is slowing down and that even the Jews no longer complain of their treatment.

In this connection the press quotes a statement issued by the Jewish war veterans at the close of the Leipzig fair, which ended two months ago, in order to substantiate the contention.

None the less, anti-Jewish orders are continuing to flood the country, however, without any publicity.

The Landshandelbund issued secret orders to all bakeries that flour must be purchased only from Aryan mills and from Aryan dealers.

The official Labor Front, embracing all the labor unions, has created a special association of house managers. Only Aryans may belong to this association, thus rendering it impossible for Jews to manage the properties of hundreds of Jewish refugees who left Germany.

The police of Hesse were ordered to treat Jews differently from non-Jews.

It is significant that none of these orders are published in the German press, in order that an unfavorable impression may not be created abroad.