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Budapest University Closed As Student Riots Continue; Foreign Incitement Blamed

The University of Budapest was closed today and a threat to close all Hungarian universities for the remainder of the term if peace is not restored, was made today by the authorities as student anti-Semitic disorders continued.

Three hundred Nationalist students demonstrated in the streets today, distributing leaflets reiterating their insistence that there would be no peace in the universities until their demands on the government are fulfilled. Their demands include a strict numerus clausus limiting the number of Jewish students in the universities, barring of admission into the professions of men who have prepared in universities in other countries and other restrictive measures.

Police cars dispersed the demonstrators.

The Minister of Education, Professor Balint Homan, who had tried to conciliate the students, while rejecting their demand for a numerus clausus, by pledging strict enforcement of present restrictive laws, threatened today to close all Hungarian universities for the remainder of the term if peace and order were not reestablished. The anti-Semitic students, he declared, have fallen under the influence of incitement from abroad.

Anti-Jewish demonstrations occurred today in Fuenfkirchen and Szegedin, but Jewish students, nevertheless, attended the lectures at the universities.

Rioting on a large scale broke out yesterday at the University of Budapest where a group of anti-Semitic students barricaded themselves in the Dekanats Building of the Faculty of Philosophy and engaged in a sanguinary battle with police who, despite the old tradition of university autonomy, entered the grounds and buildings of the institution.