Road Building Goes on Despite Arab Rioting
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Road Building Goes on Despite Arab Rioting

The program of road development is going on uninterruptedly in spite of the recent Arab rioting, according to an official statement issued by the government.

Approximately 170 men are being employed for construction of the road between Beisan and Jisr el Mejamie. Other highways between Tulkarem and Kalkilieh, Jaffa and Gaza, Nablus and Jisr Damieh are under construction.

The High Commissioner also announced that he has approved a plan to obtain water for irrigation in the southern portion of Palestine by making use of the old Turkish railway embankment running alongside of the road from Gaza to Beethseba. The sum of £4,000 ($20,000) has been appropriated for impounding about 400,000 cubic metres of water. The improvement will bring relief to the Bedouin tribes which have been suffering from crop failures.

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