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Vandals Desecrate Liverpool Temple, Paint Swastikas on Walls, Damage Sculptures

Increasing evidence of anti-Semitic activities is seen here in the vandal desecration of the Prince’s Synagogue in Liverpool which took place after worshippers had departed last night. The synagogue is one of the leading congregations in that city.

The opinion exists that hooligans had secreted themselves in the women’s gallery and began their destruction after the congregants departed.

The extent of the damage done precludes the possibility that the vandals were children, and the swastikas defacing the walls of the synagogue proved beyond a doubt what their sentiment was.

The marble sculptures surrounding the pulpit were badly damaged. Wooden bookledges behind seats were smashed.

An investigation launched by police has so far been fruitless.

A mass meeting this week of the Imperial Fascist Union in Liverpool which was attended by about 8,000 persons, is causing much concern on the part of the Jewish population in Liverpool. This anti-Semitic organization has been making much progress in the provinces.