Confer on Sentencing of Spanknoebel Aide
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Confer on Sentencing of Spanknoebel Aide

Representative Samuel Dickstein, chairman of the House Committee on Immigration which is now conducting an investigation into Nazi affairs in this country, yesterday conferred with Judge Daniel J. Brennan in Newark regarding the sentencing of Walter Kauf, bodyguard to Heinz Spanknoebel, who was convicted of carrying concealed weapons, assault, and instigating a riot following a Friends of New Germany meeting in Newark two months ago.

Kauf. according to Dickstein, has refused to discuss his connections with Spanknoebel, the American Nazi chief now a fugitive from justice. He has been asked for information by both Dickstein and Assistant United States Attorney William Prager, but toward both officials he maintained a stubborn refusal to talk.

It is expected that he will be sentenced to two years in jail in Newark, after which he will be deported.

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