Henry Ford Denies He is ‘jew-hater’ or ‘jew-baiter’
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Henry Ford Denies He is ‘jew-hater’ or ‘jew-baiter’

Henry Ford denied that he is a hater of the Jews, or that he ever contributed money to anti-Semitic activity, in an exclusive interview with John Henry Hewlett which was published in yesterday’s issue of The New York Evening Journal.

“I am no Jew hater,” Mr. Ford was quoted as saying. “I have never met Hitler. I have never contributed a cent, directly, indirectly or any other way, to any anti-Semitic activity anywhere.

“Jews have their place in the world social structure, and they fill it nobly.

“I have Jewish friends—many of them—and I have Jewish friends in my business association. I have Jewish customers, affiliations with finance companies controlled by Jews. I don’t believe either that the Jews think I am a Jew-hater or a Jew baiter.”