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Nine New Body Types, All with Individual Front Wheel Springing and 77-horsepower Engine. De Luxe Mod

THIS YEAR-it’s the ride that counts. Nobody questions that. But this year-get all the ride that’s coming to you!

Get a comfortable ride. Get a smooth ride. Yes and get a ride that’s thrilling, too!

We call the new Plymouth’s bump-free ride the “levelized” ride. We call it that because it’s smooth-completely free from that pitching and tossing a rough road usually gives a low priced car.

Plymouth’s new individual front wheel springing carries you smoothly and evenly over ruts, bumps, cobbles, car-tracks-any kind of road you can name. And you get it in all models-even in the very lowest-priced.

There’s big news under the hood as well. The engine is the same sturdy, economical six as last year’s-with much more power! It develops 77 horsepower at normal engine speeds.

And on top of that-Plymouth is the only low-priced car with Floating Power engine mountings, Safety-steel body and hydraulic brakes. It’s the best engineered low-priced car! A ride in Plymouth will tell you a lot. About individual front wheel springing. About power and performance. Yes-and about Floating Power, safety-steel body and hydraulic brakes.

Any Dodge, De Soto or Chrysler dealer will gladly give you a ride in this exciting new Plymouth without the slightest cost or obligation.