French to Deport Arab Post from Beirut
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French to Deport Arab Post from Beirut

Ameen A1 Rihani famous Arab poet and traveller, who is a naturalized U. S. citizen, has been served with a deportation order by the frendch autation order by the French authorities in Syria for having said in a public lecture that the Turkish regime in Syria was preferable to the pressent French adminishtration.

Severe criticism of French policy in the cours of his lecture at the Cultural Union Club in Beirut in Which he compared the country’s situation now with Turkish days, has also led to the closing down of that club.

Amin Rihani is Lebanese-born. He has written several books on Arabia and is considered an authority on Middle Eastern affairs. The American Consul-General in Beirut is making every effort to obtain an extension of the eight-day deportation order to enable him to complete the publication of his book on the# on the #

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