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Arab Leader in Jaffa to Establish New Pary

Ihsan Bey Jabari, the member of the Syro-Palestinian Committee at Geneva who is now touring the Near East, has come here to establish a large Arab party, of which the Executive Committee will be coposed of five members, Yasshin Pasha Al-Husheimi (lraq), Jamal. Al-Husseini (Palistine), the Emir Shakib Arslan and Ihsan Jabari (Syrians at Geneva), and a Hedjazian notable, according to talk in Arab poiltical circles here.

The headquaters of the party are to be in Cairo, and will be headed by Dr. Abdel Rahman Shahbander (one of the participants in the Syrian rebellion of 1925-26) who fled from that country and is now in exile).

The party will have branches in all countries with Arab populations.