Nazis ‘reveal’ Pro-zionists
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Nazis ‘reveal’ Pro-zionists

A blacklist containing the names of 206 members of the Pro-Palestine Committee in Germany was published to day by the Propaganda Verlag for the purpose of stimulating anti-Semitism in Germany. The list includes the names of a number of former cabinet members, mentioing their full titles as well as their present addresses.

The Propaganda Verilag a few days ago issued a reprint, in an edition of hundreds of thousands, of a pamphlet containing the text of the “Protocels of the Elders of Zion” with allegee additional details of the meeting of representatives af the twelve tribes of Israel in 1861 for the purpose of plotting to conquer the world.

The Pro-Palestine Committee has organizations all over the world composed of distinguished Gentiles sympathetic to the cause of Zionism, Senator King of Utah, noted Democrat, is a member of the American Pro-Palestine Committee.

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