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Dr. Kaplan Reviews Ethice in Judaism

“The Place of Ethics in Traditional Judaism” was discussed Tuesday night by Dr. Mordecai M. Kaplan, rabbi of the Socienty for the Advancement of Judaism, at the Jewish Theological Seminary. After giving a general survey of the development of Jewish ethics, Dr. Kaplan pointed out that Jewish ethies represents a distinctive approach to the meaning of human life and the evaluation of human conduct and motive.

Dr. Kaplan said that Jewish ethies depends for its vitality and devepolment upon its synthesis with the non-Jewish approach to reality. “That synthesis,” he declared, “Will prove creative so long as the Jews will maintain.” The problem of Jewish ethies is how to transpose th conception of man’s function from the key of a spiritual humnism “infused by a religiou philosophy of ife and a faith in the future of the Jewish people.”