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Now-editorial Notes

HEINZ LIEPMANN, the German Jewish author of “Murder-Made in Germany,” published recently in Holland, and now brught out in English in this country, was sentenced by a Dutch court to one month’s imprisonment for “having libeled the head of a friendly government.”

It is believed that the Nazi government is also making efforts to have Liepmann extradited to Germany.

We do not know whether the reference to President von Hindenburg and Chancellor Hitler in that book is true or not. But the German government is apparently extremely sensitive, especially when unfavorable material is published about it abroad. The Dutch attorney, Francois Pauwels, representing the refuge writer, made the charge that the Nazi government was instrumental in bringing about Liepmann’s arrest. And yet the Nazi government, through its propagandists in Germany and in foreign lands, does not hesitate to distort the truth, to justify its savage race hatred, to vilify the Jewish people, to libel men in high office in other governments, and to attack the democratic institutions of other lands.

The Nazis are very sensitive. The resent being classed among the enemies of mankind, although by their misdeeds they are endeavoring to undermine the foundations of civilization.