Saks in Boycott of German Goods
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Saks in Boycott of German Goods

On the heels of the announcement that Saks’ 34th street store has joined the anti-Nazi boycott, the Non-Sectarian Anti-Nazi League of which Samuel Untermyer is president, learned last night from the Womens Division of the League that whole groups of women are withdrawing their charge accounts from stores which persist in selling German-made merchandise.

Other stores to join Lord and Taylor and Arnold Constable in the boycott are Hearn’s, L. M. Blumstein stores in the Bronx and L. Wertheimer & Co. in Harlem.

David A. Williams, comptroller of the Saks store wrote to the League: “You will be interested to know that our buyers have just returned from Europe and none of them bought any goods whatsoever in Germany. Our stocks of German merchandise have been depleted and we have practically no goods left.”

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