Einstein’s Birthday Finds Him at Work; Just Another Day
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Einstein’s Birthday Finds Him at Work; Just Another Day

In characteristic fashion, Professor Albert Einstein’s fifty-fifth birthday tomorrow will go unheralded in the scientist’s household.

“He thinks nobody knows he is having a birthday,” Mrs. Einstein revealed. “He will be busy tomorrow with his usual routine. No, he is not even going out. He will be at home all day.”

Meanwhile congratulations are pouring in from all parts of the world by mail, telegraph and cable. No reception is planned here, however. The Einstein do not even expect any visitors. “He likes to have a quiet day,” Mrs. Einstein said.

New Jersey will honor the great scientist at a state reception on March 25. marking his residence in Princeton, where he is teaching at the Institute for Advanced Study.

Hundreds of notables are expected to attend the reception of which Governor Moore is honorary chairman.

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