Jewish Activities in the Metropolitan Area
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Jewish Activities in the Metropolitan Area

The New Yorker Staats-Zeitung, New York German daily, yesterday dedicated its editorial space to the contention that “The Boycott is a Two-Edged Weapon.”

The editorial traced the effects of the boycott to the failure of the spring Leipzig Trade Fair, which, it is learned through press dispatches, has collapsed utterly as far as foreign patronage goes. It recommends making the boycott illegal.

“The boycott,” says the editorial, “is dangerous ammunition, which, considering the fact that it is threatening both sides, should be forbidden by law.”


The editorial refers to the foreign boycott of the Leipzig Trade Fair as one of the first expressions of international unrest since the “Peace of Versailles,” an expression of unrest, it says, which can become ever stronger.

Declaiming that the prosperity of the world depends in large measure on the prosperity of Germany, the editorial prophesies that unless the boycott is made unconstitutional the world in general must suffer. It quotes one German Jew, displaying at the Leipzig Trade Fair, as complaining that he is being boycotted by his own race in the United States.