Temple Ruins Discovered in Palestine Soil
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Temple Ruins Discovered in Palestine Soil

The ruins of what is believed to be the Biblical city of Lachish have been unearthed by the Welcome Historical Museum Expedition, now excavating in the Tell Duweir region of South Palestine, it was announced today by Sir Charles Marston. Described as sensational, the find was revealed in a report to Sir Charles by Mr. Starkey, head of the expedition.

Among the ruins, scientists have discovered Egyptian jewelry and scarabs of the time of Amenhotep III (1413-1377 B.C.) In the remains of what appears to be a temple, built on the filling of the fosse of Tell Duweir, the Starkey group came upon glass ware, ivory ornaments and rods, a circular toilet box beautifully decorated in low relief with lions attacking bulls, and four large scarabs of the Pharoah. The discoveries, particularly the ivories, show marks of fire, indicating that the city was burned.

The Tel el Amarna Tablets, found in Egypt fifty years ago, refer to the taking of Lachish by the Habiru, now identified as the Hebrews.

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