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Writer Asks for Central Authority of Jews with Jerusalem Headquarters

Deploring the lack of unity among Jews of the world at a time when the enemies of Judaism are active everywhere, Dr. Josue Jehouda, Jewish Swiss writer and editor of the Revue Juive of Geneva, proposes a plan for the establishment of a central Jewish authority to represent the interests of a world Jewry against the united front of world anti-Semitism.

Never in modern history has there been such an urgent need for a central authority in the Jewish world as today, Dr. Jehouda points out, when the rights of equality and respect as a nation which the Jews have won in the world after hundreds of years of struggle, are being threatened by the anti-Semitic movements in all countries.

He urges world Jews to take their example from the German Jews, who in the hours of need have discovered the value of cohesion as the best means of serving their interests.