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Cooper Addresses Paterson Group

“No race or religious group possesses a monopoly of patriotism or civic virtue. None is without its social, professional and political delinquents; none is without its scoundrel.” This was the contention of Irving Ben Cooper, counsel to the New York Commissioner of Accounts, in his address last night, delivered at the Temple Emanuel here, under the auspices of B’nai B’rith.

He derided the fact that “some people insist on confounding the terms ‘capitalist’ and ‘Jew,’ while others insist on confusing the terms ‘Communist’ and ‘Jew’.

The meeting was staged under the name of Civic Night. Other speakers included James H. Carpenter, president of the New Jersey Bar Association, and William B. Gourley, of the Passaic county bar. Charles H. Roemer, president of the Jewish Community Council of Paterson, was chairman.