Fascists Insult Union Jack As ‘flag of Jews’
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Fascists Insult Union Jack As ‘flag of Jews’

As their protest against the “Jewish Union Jacks,” members of the Imperial League of Fascists early today secretly climbed the flagpole of the County Council headquarters here and hoisted their own Union Jack, bearing in the center a large black swastika on a white circle. Several other public buildings were similarly adorned.

The swastika flag at the County Council building was discovered before eight o’clock and was replaced by a Union Jack.

An official of the Imperial Leage of Fascists declared that two members motored to the County Hall at two o’clock in the morning, and after climbing the pole hoisted their flag, at the same time sticking on the staff anti-Jewish slogans, such as “The red flag is the flag of the Jews.” They re-entered the car undiscovered and sped away.

“The reason why our flag bears the swastika,” this official explained, “is that now the Union Jack is the Jews’ flag. The swastika puts the white man’s mark on it.

“We are racial Fascists. The flag was our protest against Jewish influence in the London County Council. We are not connected with the Black Shirts of Sir Oswald Mosley.”

Today was Empire Day, but the Socialist-controlled County Council proclaimed it Commonwealth Day.