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Prague Clinics ‘leaderless'; Jews Barred

The Prager Mittag is publishing a series of articles on “The Spirit in the Medical Faculties,” which it introduces with the words: Among the Prague specialists of all creeds there is a definite article of faith, that at forty one is too young to become a professor at a Prague Clinic; and at fifty one is too old; and between forty and fifty one is a Jew.

“There are seven leadersless clinics of the medical faculty at the Prague German University,” the paper proceeds, “and in these leaderless clinics impossible conditions obtain, which ought not to be allowed in the capital of the republic under the eyes of the central authorities, because they constitute a menace to the life and the health of the population.

“The professors at the medical faculty of the German University form a closed body, consistently keeping out our younger people. An assistant can become a lecturer only when his Ordinarius presents him to the Ministry. But the professors will not advance their assistants if they are Jews, and they propose German and Austrian young scholars who are adherents of the National Socialist teachings. If the Ministry rejects such a proposal, it is repeated, in the hope that the Ministry will finally agree. A gynecologists like Professor Halban of Vienna is rejected because he is not ‘racially pure.’ At the Prague German University the anti-Semitic movement existed for years before the race madness became a Government principle in Germany,” the paper concludes, “and more attention was paid to race protection than to the proper treatment of the sick and to medical research.