Anniversary of Hospital is Celebrated
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Anniversary of Hospital is Celebrated

Beth Israel Hospital, one of Newark’s leading communal institutions, observed its thirty-second anniversary with a dinner attended by nearly 1,000 representative citizens. Guests of honor were Michael Hollander, Louis Bamberger and A. J. Diamond. Tribute was paid to the late Felix Fuld, merchant and philanthropist.

A testimonial scroll signed by 300 physicians was presented to Hollander, who successfully headed two campaigns to raise $4,000,000 to build the hospital several years ago. The scroll stated in part: “He stands today as one of Newark’s greatest citizens, being conspicuous for over twenty years in his efforts to make the Jewish community of our city self-supporting.”

Speakers at the affair included Mayor Ellenstein, Fred Jay, toastmaster; Philip J. Schotland, Frank Liveright, president; Dr. Paul Keller, executive director; Harry Hershfield, Mr. Hollander, Dr. Danzis and A. H. Puder.

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