Canadian Jewish Congress Girds Loins for Campaign
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Canadian Jewish Congress Girds Loins for Campaign

Local Young Judaea closed its activities for the year with its eleventh annual convention.

The following new officers were elected for the coming year: president, Mr. H. B. Lande; vice-presidents, Mr. C. Gross and Miss Ida Lashinsky; treasurer, Mr. L. S. Balinsky; secretary, Miss E. Blumenthal; Members of the Executive, the Misses E. Bendly, D. Campbell, S. Schwartz, S. Shayne, and Messrs. N. Shuster, A. Rudnikoff, C. Garber, P. Garonce; Supervisor Mr. E. M. Berger.

Canadian Young Judaea enjoys a leading position among Jewish youth movements. This year the organization completed its Endowment Fund of Five Thousand Dollars for the creation of scholarships at the Hebrew University on Mount Scopus.

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