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Rabbi Refutes Professor’s Glorification of Hitler’s Reich

J. W. Richard Lindemann’s statement published in the Buffalo Evening News that the people of Germany regard Hitler as their nation’s savior and denying any Jewish atrocities in Germany was challenged by Rabbi Joseph L. Fink of Temple Beth Zion in a signed article printed in the same paper. Lindemann is an instructor of English at the University of Buffalo and has spent the last four summers touring Germany.

Rabbi Fink declared that “If the author were a paid writer of Herr Goebbels, the prophet of swastika culture and Nazi enlightenment of the German administration, his article could not have been more adroitly written to present the picture of a progressive government and conceal the oppression and cruelties instigated against a large proportion of its former citizens now proscribed by that government.

“There are no refugees from civilized countries,” Rabbi Fink wrote. “The very presence of these thousands of refugees from Germany is proof enough of the tyranny, cruelty and terror that now stalk though the once beautiful land.”